Fundraising for House of Brigh film project

1724f67c-966e-4724-81e9-a696394506ba_profileOur next project, a new documentary called, A Candle from the Mountain, centers on the teachings of Orion Foxwood and the House of Brigh. It’s an exciting project giving vivid imagery and voice to Orion Foxwood’s lifetime of magickal learning and ancient traditions. Seeing so many changes happening in the world around us, Orion seeks to educate and bring a new level of understanding of our inner connectedness through his teachings. His mission is helping others embrace an eco-spiritual shift in consciousness with the goal of helping planet Earth.

Orion Foxwood

Through his teachings in Faery Seership, his apprentices learn how connections with Earth sustain their needs while finding ways to heal themselves and the land today and for future generations.

We need your help to complete this work and Orion’s vision for creating a brighter, cleaner world. If our friends and family contribute $5 each we can reach our goal of $13,000. Help us bring this amazing work to the world.

Use this link to donate and support this worthy cause.