Shaman Smith Launches Songs of Enchantment Today

The day has finally arrived!

House of Brigh and Shaman Smith have launched their first CD, Songs of Enchantment.

After weeks of recording, and production their first CD is available for sale.  There are several people who have given their time and talent to the production of this musical collection of charms and chants. We thank them for their time and talent.

Vocalists include Jewels Aradia, Havalah Collins, Rene’ Collins, Herleena Hunt, Sarah Navarette, Janine Nelson, Lilith Nightsong, Ella Reed, Sigrid Rocovitz, Rev. Devon Setukara, Mary Stuart, and Peter Valentino

Instrumentalists who helped lend their talents include Rene’ Collins on Drums, Guitar & Keyboards , Sarah Navarette on Flute, Scarlet Rivera on Violin, Rev. Devon Setukara – Percussion, Drums and Djembe, and Peter Valentino on Guitar, Flute, Keyboard, and Drums

Use the online link below to purchase your copy of the CD for $15.95 plus shipping.

CD Cover

Click this link  or go to  to purchase your copy of Songs of Enchantment!

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