The Return of Witchcraft.

Most people these days don’t have a clue what Witchcraft really is. It has been villainized to such an extent that the concept itself is obscured, even from many who have an interest in it. To understand Witchcraft we must go beyond the Hollywood portrayals of Witches. Our minds are controlled and hypnotized so much by the moving pictures on television, films and now the Internet, that even people who think of themselves as Witches are often unaware of the true Nature of the Art.

Firstly, there is a concept that the Witch is evil. Unfortunately, this is even thought by some who wish to practice the Art. Therefore, let me define how I see it and allow me to express to you the reality of Witchcraft. True Witchcraft is not evil at all. In fact, it doesn’t even go there. To us, there is no Devil. There is no Hell, either. Satanism, Devil worship, etc., are all effects of Christianity, not Witchcraft. Nobody I know is involved in putting bad spells on another human being. To me, the thought is childish and ridiculous, and I would warn people that it will blow up in your face, regardless of your reasons for doing it.

And to all practitioners of Magic and Witchcraft I would say, “Don’t believe the hype.” Don’t think of it as a dark or negative thing. Of course we connect with Spirits on the other side. Whoever said that was evil is themselves insane. It is by far the most ancient practice of all Humans everywhere to connect with the departed. But it is a very real and personal thing. Please don’t go disturbing graveyards and think that you are a cool Witch. Have respect for all Souls, alive or dead.

In Truth, Magic and Witchcraft are here for our healing. They are to get us back in touch with our Earth and with our ability to imagine and to conjure beauty in our world and in our relationships. Witchcraft connects with the forces of the Universe which the other people leave behind and call things like the “placebo effect.” Witchcraft makes a science of that which is thrown away by science.

As with so many other things, to understand Witchcraft we must use our intuition combined with logic. Then we can understand that Magic and Witchcraft would have come about Naturally as a form of communion with both the seen and unseen forces of Nature. The ones who would have practiced the Art would have been the Spiritual seekers and Healers of their tribe.

It may take some time to repair the linguistic harm done to the term Witchcraft or Witch. In the interim, we use the term Natural Magic. And the true Witch is a practitioner of Natural Magic. Our film, The Pagan Path, Volume I: Neopaganism and Natural Magic, is easily the most comprehensive documentary on the subject. It is intended to educate the World on what Natural Magic actually is. It comes out of a community with roots in the distant past and serves to clear up a thousand misconceptions which are commonly held. This frees us, as people, to restore a major part of our Humanity which was torn from us, but that is just sitting on our shoulders, waiting for us to listen once again.

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