Shaman Smith at the Conference this weekend

Join us Saturday at the Conference on Current Pagan Studies at Claremont Graduate University

and see Devon’s presentation on Shaman Smith’s film

Pagan Path Vol. 1 – Natural Magick  for details

Bringing Academia and Community Together

A Great Event to Present Your Work

The American Academy of Religion now recognizes Pagan Studies as a legitimate field of study, thanks to the work of Cat McEarchen, Wendy Griffin, Michael York and others. This, along with an expansion of peer reviewed journals, such as The Pomegranate and academic presses such as Alta Mira, which publish work on Pagan Studies, makes it a great time to be organizing your work to present to the academy.

This academic conference welcomes the community to be part of this effort. Embodied knowledge, practically learned knowledge, and inherited knowledge are important contributions to the epistemology of Pagan thought when viewed through the analytical lens that all knowledge is seen through in the academy. Especially this year, we are interested in the practical work that emerges from a sustainable theoretical framework. We are also interested in ways to affect the future through writings, politics, research, consciousness or other ways that you have found to think of saving the planet for future generations.

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