SS new logo white5%Shaman Smith is a non-profit organization dedicated to Awakening the Magic and Smithing the Shaman that exists naturally in every person.

Utilizing the Arts as powerful channels for Spiritual growth and empowerment, we foster Individual Development as well as the creation of Conscious Community through our range of classes, events, productions and healing services.

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Our Next Production


After the success of our first Film, The Pagan Path, Volume I, Neopaganism and Natural Magic, Shaman Smith is diving into its next production. We are currently working with Orion Foxwood on the House of Brigh (HoB) documentary Film. This Film will be the first of its kind, a comprehensive look at the deep legacy of traditional magic, as presented by a man who has experienced natural magic all his life.

Orion is steeped in the magical tradition of the Appalachians, where a strong thread of the original paths still survives. We will trace the roots of his tradition as they travel back into the Celtic past, and seek to give the viewer tools to create their own connection with the fundamental powers of our Earth.

We ask that you please help us in our crowdfunding campaign for this exceptional documentary. We seek to take Orion’s message to the furthest reaches possible spreading an eco-spiritual consciousness that will reconnect us to our planet and to ourselves.